Recent Winners at Jackpotjoy Bingo Tell Their Stories

Because Jackpotjoy is the UK’s favourite bingo site there’s over 2.5 million members and a brand new winner every 2 seconds!

Here a are just a handful of some of the players who’ve won massive piles of cash playing Jackpotjoy Bingo:

David W was one smitten kitten when he bagged himself £12,017 with Jackpotjoy Bingo 100! He told the site “A friend in chat has won 31 PJs in the last year so I have put myself in competition with them to try and beat that record! I have had two big ones so far this month so I’m off to a good start!”. Bingo cards only cost 10p in Bingo 100 so that’s quite a profit for David!

In the Full House Bingo Emerald room Sheila K was smiling too because she won £1,172. Sheila was really pleased with her bingo winnings; “It was quite handy, because my fridge freezer packed in the night before, and I wondered how on Earth I’d be able to afford a new one. It’s great – thanks to you all!”

Helen S won her £3,011 bingo jackpot playing the exclusive The Price is Right Bingo game. Helen had just had a baby and she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her bingo win “I’m so excited, now it’s finally sunk in! We’re going to have the biggest Christening party ever thanks to this!”

Maybe the W in Kelly W’s name stands for winner because she raked in £100,000 with her Full House Bingo Sapphire Star Jackpot! It took her a little while to realise what had happened, “Everyone started asking who had won the big Jackpotjoy Bingo Star Jackpot and suddenly I realised it was me! I was so shocked. Everyone was congratulating me and being really lovely.”

Mum of 3 Michelle couldn’t believe her luck after she won with Jackpotjoy Bingo! Michelle scooped £68,123 in the Bingo Gold room and told the site “It was just so brilliant. I’d spotted that I only needed one more ball, and was in the chatroom typing ‘I only need ball 57′ when it came up and I just couldn’t stop screaming! It was just the most fantastic feeling ever!”

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