Questions for Jennifer Brown, aka ‘the Poker Bitch”

In January I plan on doing another interview with professional poker player Jennifer Brown, aka ‘the Poker Bitch.  I’ve already interviewed her once, and I received positive feedback from readers for it, so I thought why not a second interview.  And Jennifer has been gracious enough to agree to one.

Here are some questions that I’m thinking about asking her.  What would you like to ask??

1. Any poker books, either strategy/nonfiction, you recommend?
2. How did you learn about odds?
3. What is the most you ever lost in a hand/game?
4. What do you think luck means?
5. How long will you normally play when you play online?  Do you set goals for how much you want to win?  Or do you play until you get bored or lose a certain amount?  If the latter, how much?
6. Do you ever catch peoples’ tells?  If so, what have you observed?
7. How do you play to give people the impression that you have a stronger hand than you have?

Jennifer will be touring with the WSOP again this year.  They start off in Tunica Jan. 7th – 17th.  She will be playing in the following two events:

Event # 6 Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit ( six handed )
$500.00 + $50.00 buy in

Event # 9 Ladies Event Texas Hold “En ( no limit )
$200.00 = $30.00 buy in

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