Praiseworthy Poker Program for Students

Poker’s popularity has spread like wildfire in recent years that anybody of legal age can play the card game whether at the traditional casinos or at online casinos. While most of the players of this famous casino game are the older adults who fancy gambling, many young people notably males have also started playing poker.

In the U.K., there’s one poker site noted for its initiative targeted at college and university students. VC (Victor Chandler) Poker has started this unique program that rewards student poker winners and identifies those who have the potential to become future entrepreneurs. The program’s aim is to help student champions in paying their school fees and developing their business skills. In this way, they are able to start a good foundation of the business careers they may take going forward.

This student initiative encourages students 18 years old and older to join online poker tournaments as individuals or as representatives of their universities. Meanwhile, business oriented students are given the opportunity to become VC Poker brand managers, earn extra money and incentives as well as gain real-life experiences they can apply later in their professional careers.

As VC Poker brand managers, college students are tasked to promote, set-up and manage a series of online and land-based tournaments. Every tournament will offer points to the school and the top scorer at the end of the online tournament season will get a cash prize of US$10,000. Of course, the cash will be divided among the student poker players.

This is truly one positive student initiative worthy of emulation by the other poker sites. It’s a fun way for college students to earn extra income and learn business skills at the same time.

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