Marc Salem – potentially the best poker player who ever lived

You have to watch this video of Marc Salem.  It is simply amazing what this guy can do in terms of reading peoples’ behavior.  I am certain that he would make a phenomenal poker player, always knowing what other players are holding.

There is a philosophical view called behaviorism.  According to an unsophisticated version of the view, mental terms, such as “thinking that I went to Bermuda for vacation” or “feeling a pain in my toe” can be analyzed in behavioral terms.  The view is not taken seriously anymore.  One of the objections to it is that people can think things or feel things without exhibiting any behavior.  After seeing Marc Salem perform, I am not so sure that this objection has any merit.

2 thoughts on “Marc Salem – potentially the best poker player who ever lived

  1. I’ve got to admit, that is far and away the best argument for behaviorism I’ve ever seen. Far and away.

    I think many of the scenarios are too controlled to be compelling. But what he does is quite remarkable. I’d like to be able to think of anything I want without any constraints and see how he does with that.

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