Poker Positions

‘He’s got position so he must raise.’ ‘Out of position he doesn’t stand a chance.’

Why does where you are seated at a poker table matter? All will hopefully be explained, even to those used to looking at Scratch Cards Online in this article.

Early Position (EP): The first few players to the left of the blinds are in EP. They will act first. This position is thought by most to be the least beneficial in poker because you do not know how anyone else will act. By acting first you have ‘shown your hand’ to the rest of the table and they have the chance to react. However, by being the raiser you set the tone of the hand and you can drive the pot forward if you have a big hand or are representing a big hand.

Middle Position (MP): To the left of the EP players are the MP players, who also have a hard time of it because they are squeezed between the early risers and the late-comers. A squeeze could come in the shape of a raise from EP that you call, leaving someone in LP to go over the top and re-raise. It’s a difficult position to play well so it’s best avoided, especially with marginal hands.

Late Position (LP): If you have a big hand and LP you are quids in. You have had the chance to see what everyone else has done and now you have the chance to mould the hand to your own desires. Traps, raises, re-raises and bluffs are all easier from LP because from here, you have a view of the whole table and what they have done before you. You have box-office tickets. LP does have its disadvantages though. For example, if you have a good hand and you are trying to slow-play your opponent, if he is constantly checking it to you, there isn’t much you can do to get paid in this position.

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