Poker bots

How would you like to be staring across the felt at an opponent with a mountain of chips, but instead of it being a smirking, arrogant person, you find that your getting taken out to the cleaners by this…

OK, maybe there is no reason to be that dramatic but its the first image that popped into my head after I read this article.

So it seems that AI technology has progressed sufficiently to bring us a computer that can beat a human in poker. It is still in the early stages, as the article says, the computer can only play against a single opponent and it has a perfect record by no means. It is feasible enough to imagine a computer being able to beat a man in poker. Though it is much different than chess as the article points out, a computer can analyze betting patterns and levels of aggression and other such things. I think its great that technology has come so far.

I do have one caveat, however. I have made no secret of the fact that my technical poker skills are not nearly at the level they should be. I rely far to much on intuition and other “human” elements of the game. But, for me, poker is essentially an embodied game. It is not a question of getting past the body into the sheer intellect of it. The face, the hands, perspiration, respiration; all these things are integral to the game and without them its as worthwhile as watching two computers play checkers. Now when Mr. Data shows up shuffling a deck at lightning speed, that will really be something.

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