Pokerroom is back with a bang

One of the old favourites in online poker is back with a bang this year and that is Pokerroom which was one of the most popular online card rooms a few years ago. I think as a ten year industry pro then it is important to have a selection of solid poker sites to play poker at. This is especially the case with cash poker games because if you are playing at serious levels then the regs at these levels will quickly get to know you and adjust. This is not good news for your earn rate because I have known many online pro’s whose earn rates have fallen the longer that they stayed on a certain site.

However I have played poker at Pokerroom before and so I know that the site has many interesting features including a very strong player base which ensures around 40,000 players are active at peak times. This is vital because most pro’s and semi-pro’s these days prefer to multi-table and you need to have very good player numbers to be able to do that. Game selection is another vital area for any serious player and to be able to game select well then you need vital lobby data. This means that you need that data to be clear and accessible which means an easy to read format. On Pokerroom then the average pot sizes, stack sizes, percentage of players seeing the flop and hands per hour are all clearly shown.

If you are playing no limit hold’em deep stack then a large part of your strategy is involved by picking and choosing your points of confrontation and so you need to know how deep your opponents are at all times. I don’t believe these days that an online poker player should place all their eggs into one basket with regards to where they play poker. In light of the Full Tilt Poker affair then I would never recommend to anyone that they put all their bankroll online. However in no way am I connecting Pokerroom with what happened at Full Tilt Poker. In nearly all cases then the sites that are on larger networks basically police themselves and are not dependent on the actions of a very tiny number of people.

It is a breath of fresh air to have new sites coming back into the online poker world and I for one will be using Pokerroom for sure. Although I still feel that in order to avoid the HUD using regs that you periodically need to freshen things up and this means only one thing and that is to change sites. The situation then arises that although you may have lost your player notes by moving sites, the players who you are playing against do not have any notes on your either. Although I am not sure how effective moving sites is for multi-tabling players but for any player who single tables then it is going to take your opponents quite a while to get a sample size on you.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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