Poker Sites Unite to Promote Card Game

When several poker sites join forces, what is bound to happen? A booming poker market, of course. This is the aim of PokerNews.com, PokerPT.com, PokerPoquer.com, PokerDoBrasil.com and AmericanFlop.com when they formed a strategic alliance a few days ago. The goal of this group is to help improve the poker markets in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Latin America.

Quality service, information and promotions for all poker players are what the big bosses want to achieve when they formed this latest alliance. While poker markets in Portugal and Spain are already well established, the heads of the participating websites want to further develop the markets and provide more value to their regular followers. They promise to deliver quality live reporting, promotions, races, live tournaments and come up with poker magazines targeted towards the Portuguese and Spanish markets where PokerPT.com and PokerDoBrasil are the leaders.

In Spain, the Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular. Other than in the real casinos notably those in Costa del Sol and the Canary Islands, poker is played online as well. A poker professionals association is also in place in this country.

In Latin America, poker is also thriving. The region is considered to be a fast growing poker area. Brazil and Argentina now have thousands of players bent on joining important poker events. This year, the Latin America Poker Tour was launched by a leading online casino poker site, PokerStars which also sponsors the Europen Poker Tour and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour.

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