Poker Resolutions for ’09

Personally, I hate the idea of new years resolutions. They are nothing but false promises to oneself that the individual has no real stake in actually achieving in the first place. If there was something that momentous that needed to be done they would already have done it. There would be a real, actionable plan in place already. Anything that a person wants to do or change is cheapened by making such a silly statements

That being said, I am prepared to cheapen myself significantly.


There are some things that I would like to do differently. Since framing them as resolutions is the thing to do this time of year that is how I will tell everyone about them. The one that most concerns this site is that I am resolved to play more poker. It may be surprising that someone who writes a poker blog hasn’t played a lot of poker recently. Some very serious life changes in the past year have kept me away from the tables. 2009 should be much smoother – knock wood. This will allow me to finally take advantage of the poker opportunities I have around me now.

Since I moved away from New Jersey, I’ve lost the easy access to Atlantic City I used to enjoy. Fortunately, there is a Hardrock casino and a dog track that has been converted into a poker room very close to my new home. I haven’t been to either yet so it will be nice getting to know them. They won’t be able to hold court with the Taj’s tables but I have no reason to think they won’t be adequate.

I look forward to diving back into playing regularly again and will recount each and every moment of my exploits here at pokermoments.

Let me know about your resolutions: preferably the ones related, at least tangentially, to poker.


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