Poker Playing Priest Close to Winning $1 Million

I love this story, which I first heard about through the Catholic News Service.

It’s about a very cool, poker-playing Catholic priest, who just beat one of the world’s top poker players in a national poker contest aired on a Fox TV show, winning $100,000 that he says he’ll donate to his church’s new building fund.

The Rev. Andrew Trapp, assistant pastor of St. Michael Catholic Church, gathered Sunday at a viewing party with 300 boosters in a Garden City Beach, South Carolina, gymnasium to watch a previously recorded episode from a poker tournament that began online with 10,000 contestants.

The Sun News of Myrtle Beach says the crowd cheered when Trapp beat poker professional Daniel Negreanu (nuh-GRAH’-noo) with a final hand. Supporters wore T-shirts reading: “We’re cheering for the poker playing priest.”

Trapp has a chance to win up to $1 million in the show’s December finale.

We wish him luck. We’ll follow him all the way.

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