Poker Playing “Loser” is a Winner; it’s All About the Name

This is a story one of my U.K. scribes sent me the other day.

It obviously happened in Europe, but I think it’s pretty funny.

The definition of lower is:”a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently.

Ok, I’ll buy that.

It would hardly be considered the most flattering name for a poker player to be saddled with, but one man determined not to live up to his name is German player Manig L’ser.

But Loser recently did well at the European Masters of Poker tournament in Bulgaria last week.

Manig L’ser succeeded in outlasting a field of 260 players at the Crystal Crown Casino, to win the 1,100 euro buy in event and walk away with the 49,080 euros first place prize.

Not bad for a Loser, eh?

As the tournament eventually played down to just nine players, L’ser then plahyed a solid game and maintain his stack, while others busted out around him.

Finally, L’ser eliminated Romanian George Draghici in third with his Q-8 badly dominating his opponent’s J-8, to force a heads-up encounter against Israeli player Shani Vahnun.

It took less than an hour before the final hand of the competition was played, after Loser was dealt K-6 to his opponent’s 9-8. With the flop falling? Q-J-6, L’ser bet out 55,000 euros with bottom pair, only for Vahnun to push all-in over the top for his remaining 700k with a gut-shot straight draw.

The turn and river of A-2 failed to improve the Israeli’s hand and he had to content himself with the runner-up prize of $35,000, instead.

Manig L’ser thus became ‘the 2010 EMOP Bulgaria champion.

L’ser has now won $60,311 from four live tournament cashes, all coming this year.

A loser no more.

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