Poker Magazine Continues Education Drive

If you think that major players in the poker industry focus only on tournaments and gaining profit, think again. Take the case of Bluff Europe, a widely read magazine in Europe that aims to benefit poker fans and aspiring players. This publication is distributed in the U.K., Ireland and Scandinavia.

What’s unique about Bluff Europe is its Poker Academy that tours the European continent every year to teach poker enthusiasts about the tricks and rules of the famous card game. Topics covered by the Poker Academy include the theory of poker, luck and variance, hand analysis, dealing with defeat and bankroll management. The three hours of live lectures and exercises are given by professional poker players including Phil Laak and Ian Frazer.

One great thing about these lectures is that they’re not only teaching the theory but they’re allowing you to practice what you”ve learned. And since not everybody who plays poker wins, the Poker Academy also shares tips on how to control your emotions while at play and when you lose.

Of course to make the event more exciting to the participants, a tournament is also held with a small prize for the winners. The Series I ended last May and preparations are now going on for the Series II which will start in autumn.

Taking part in this Poker Academy is sure to give any aspiring poker player a great start in learning to play the game well. With insights from the professionals themselves, this is one enriching experience worth taking.

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