Poker at Unibet

Among the many pleasurable aspects of gambling online is convenience and that’s probably why I was pleasantly surprised to come upon Unibet, a one-stop shop for all my needs. There are so many sites out there vying for your attention, and money, so I think it’s very cool to find a webber that is entertaining, cleanly designed, easy to navigate and offers up sports bets as well as the full array of casino games, like poker, bingo and slots.

The poker gaming opportunities on Unibet are vast, with live games, challenges, seven card stud, hold’em. I mean, it’s just awesome if you love the game, as I do. But if you’re not real good at poker and want to learn there is a “poker school” for beginners to help you out. I found that very useful when I sat down to play at my computer.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the sports book. I bet all kinds of sports, and this site gives me a shot at betting my favorite teams, like Manchester United in football, six nations rugby, tennis and golf.

As I clicked through the site I found out that Unibet also runs a live European Open Poker tour that seems really attractive. I”m an American. And when I play live I generally go to Vegas or Atlantic City. But the website makes it easy to pick your site (the city you want to visit), buy tickets, find a hotel and buy in. As much as I enjoy playing hold’em online, and I do, playing face to face with opponents is something all players should experience a few times in your life.

So check out Unibet and make up your own mind. I think it’s a pretty cool site, with lots of promotions to take advantage of. If you like playing online, you might want to visit Unibet. And then tell us what you think.

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