Playing softer poker games

Playing and beating online poker games is all about making good game selection. Quite simply you could take two identical players and pitch them within the same poker games at the same levels and they may get wildly contrasting results. Part of that game selection policy is to play in games or on sites that have a greater percentage of weak players. Recently Switch Poker launched new ways for players to play online poker including play poker on the iPhone.

By sheer definition then there will be many more players that are recreational in nature that will be playing poker in this way. Ever since the 2006 UIGEA in which players from the USA were prevented from playing then the average online poker pro and serious player has had to play poker at different times of the day to adapt. For example I now play during the evening and around midnight during UK time. This is not ideally a time of day that I would prefer to play but I don’t really have any choice.

I realised some time ago that game selection was vital to maintaining your earn rate in online poker and I soon realised that any player that would be playing poker on the ipad wouldn’t be as strong or as serious as someone who had say a 24 monitor who was sat at home multi-tabling. So if you are seriously interested in making money from poker and you are a serious player or you consider yourself a good player then there may just be rich pickings at Switch Poker.


Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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