Playing Multiple Tables

One of the great advantages that online poker holds over its live cousin is the ability to play multiple tables. Professional poker players, such as Randy “nanonoko” Lew and Bertrand “elkY”? Grospellier hold legendary status for their ability to play vast amounts of tables whilst still maintaining a profit.

So, why would players play so many tables?

There are a number of reasons that players choose to multi-table. By playing more volume, they can take advantage of various bonus offers that online casinos or online poker rooms may offer.

It also relieves boredom; finally, if you are talented enough, you can increase your win rate. But there is also a downside as well, your attention span is spread over a wider area and you don’t have as much time to make your decisions.

Playing multiple tables is possible, as long as you take a measured approach. The best way to do this is to play and review.

Start by playing a series of one-table sessions and record your win rate. When you are successfully winning money playing on a single table, you can increase your number of tables.

Keep doing this until you notice a sharp deterioration in your game. This will be known as your breaking point, and you never exceed this point unless you feel that your game has improved sufficiently enough for you to take another controlled shot.

A controlled shot is defined by setting up an experimental phase where you understand that a loss may occur i.e. you could move down in limits for a while whilst you try to play more tables.

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