Player from New York Bags Poker Jackpot

Sometimes it pays not to follow those superstitious beliefs you”ve been taught by your old folks. When it comes to money and gambling, they do not apply at all. A New Yorker proved this when he played poker on Friday the 13th, the day believed by many to be very unlucky. That lucky day for the poker player happened just last month on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

The lucky man who won a big chunk of the Carbon Poker BadBeat jackpot was a student named Ruggio. The player from New York bagged more than $417,000 at the No Limit Hold’em game. His winning cards? He had a straight flush of hearts from seven to Jack while his closest competitor had a straight flush but it was from 9 to King.

Ruggio couldn’t believe his fate and he reacted with an OMG upon learning of his win. Being a student, of course he felt very thankful and thought right away about paying his loans and finishing college without having to worry about finances and being totally free of debt.

The badbeat jackpot of Carbon Poker started in 2008 and Ruggio’s win was the first ever payout. The total jackpot was $1.2 million and for those who”d want to try their luck, the good news is that the jackpot has been reseeded to $240,000.

Fortunately, there were other players who also won on that supposedly unlucky day. The five others at Ruggio’s same table each took home more than $41,000 while another poker player won $290,000.

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