PitBull Poker – My Quick Collapse

Things were going well for a while, and then last night after a marathon session of poker (I definitely have addictive tendencies) my poker fate took a lightning speed turn for the worse.  I lost all my winnings (around $65) from PitBull Poker (they gave me $10 for free for just signing  up and they made this very easy to do) in a matter of a few hours.  Why does it take me 10 hours to build a small bankroll and then two hours to lose it all?  When I lose, I lose oh so quickly.

Anyway, I still recommend PitBull.  The graphics are satisfactory, less distracting than PokerStars.  The room looks like the one at Party, though there are no women characters.  What a shame.  The software is just ok.  It would be nice if it were compatible with Pokerbility (see here for my review of this calculating tool).  It would be nice if it allowed one to add funds while playing, but alas, you have to leave the table and come back to do this.  I never had a problem waiting for a table playing $0.25 no limit (which I think is my new game), and the fact that it was a flash poker room was in my opinion the thing that made it so appealing.  You don’t have to clutter your hard drive with software.  You can access it easily from any computer.  I think this may be the wave of the future for online poker rooms.  I wonder why there are not more of these out there.

I’m off to other poker rooms where they give free money with no deposit required.  I have signed up with www.CDPoker.com (I did this through their affiliate PokerGlitch) and Poker.com (I did this through their affiliate Leet Poker), both of which say you get $50 without any deposit.  These affiliates have an interesting requirement in order to get the money.  You have to contribute to their forums, post a few replies and create a new topic.  If I actually get the money, then I think this promotion is really cool.

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