Paris Hilton Offered New Bentley


When you’re young, rich and famous, you can do just about anything you want to do. This is true not only in the movies but even in real life. Just take the case of Hollywood celebrity and heiress Paris Hilton. This young lady has hogged the headlines in recent years being involved in a variety of incidents both good and bad.

Now, Paris is even on the casino scene. She’s not on a winning streak, though. What actually made her a popular figure in the casinos is her losing her precious Bentley car to the more skilled poker players. It seems this socialite is not that lucky when it comes to keeping her Bentleys.

Yes, Bentleys because it’s not just one but two Bentleys that 28-year-old Paris has already lost all due to her love for poker. The first time she lost her Continental GT was in 2006 and the second time was just last Monday, May 11, 2009. Currently, a brand new Continental GTC costs below $200,000 but it seems Paris is not easily lured to getting one again.

The latest buzz is that PartyPoker.com is offering Hilton the chance to win back her convertible Bentley. It won’t be easy, though, because she has to win a heads-up match with PartyPoker spokesman Mike Sexton. The poker room’s offer is a No Limit Hold’em match and Sexton remains hopeful the popular celebrity will take up the challenge and return to the poker table.

Hilton and Sexton first met at the poker table back in 2007 during the Celebrity Invitational in Los Angeles. At that time, Hilton got some help from Sexton just to keep her game.

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