Online Bingo is the new Bingo!

If you were under the impression that Bingo was a dying game, you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’s been growing like Topsy over the last decade or so as surveys have shown but only in its online version. There are now around four million online Bingo players in the UK alone.

The fact is that a whole new generation of people across both sexes, all ages and all strata of society are truly finding out just how much fun Bingo can be and how easy it is play online often for big money.

Far from the image of the northern industrial cities and seaside towns with ladies of a certain age only going “eyes down” today’s Bingo explosion appeals to a whole new audience.

In fact, stats show that the most popular online Bingo sites in the UK, such as Jackpotjoy Bingo, are now drawing players in who have previously specialised in online or offline casino and poker – as well as fans who have never played online gaming of any sort before.

There are many different Bingo games to choose from but they all boil down to the basic “lotto” versions of the game. The traditional 90-ball Bingo uses three lines of five numbers per line. When the numbers are generated or selected completely at random, the player marks off his/her card and receives a prize if he or she is the first to mark off a line. Then there’s a larger prize for the first player to complete two lines, and a bigger prize still if you’re the first person to complete a card which is sometimes called making a full house. Unlike in real Bingo halls where the winners call “house” or “bingo” online winners are selected automatically.

Seventy five ball Bingo is a similar game though the numbers grid is 5 x 5 with the middle square a free as it’s already marked off. In this version, a single main prize is awarded to the player who marks off all of the squares to make a pre-designated shape on the ticket, like an I, for example.

The most creative of the online Bingo sites really add a little extra spice, though, with their online Bingo games.

One of the UK’s most popular sites due to its inventiveness is JackpotJoy, which currently has nine different Bingo entertaining games. The site lets you play for free if you’re really just in it for the fun. But if you’re looking to win a big cash prize, then that’s an ever-present possibility too, with prizes regularly running into many tens of thousands of pounds.

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