Old Timey Cards

I was looking around at sundry poker paraphenalia online and these caught my eye. I just bought a deck for myself and thought I’d share them.

At unclesgames.com they are selling a set of 1864 civil war style palying cards. I’ve always been a sucker for old timey motiffs, even if they are a bit corny. I used to be quite a civil war buff as well. Since I used to live pretty pretty close,  I’ve been to the Gettysburg Civil War museum many times. In one of the display cases off in a corner there are some common items carried by soldiers from the war. One of them is an intact deck of playing cards. That particular artifact had always made me smile. So this little reproduction caught my eye. It’ll make a nice conversation peice the next time I get together and play poker with some buddies. And they were only six bucks.

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