OH NO, Not Another Reality Show? Oh Wait. This Could Be Cool: A Poker Reality Show

As you know I rarely reprint press releases (I get them all the time and folks, they are so FREAKING SELF SERVING)…but this one caught my attention so I thought I’d let you read it.

HeadsUp Entertainment announced today that it is in pre-production of a poker reality television series.

Casting calls will screen thousands of potential contestants and HeadsUp producers will choose 12-16 contestants to be part of the reality series’ inaugural season.

Over the past 5 years, the press release notes, poker has become one of the most profitable genres on major television networks. NBC, Fox, ESPN and the Travel channel have all produced poker-based television shows.

Kelly Kellner, President and Chief Executive Officer of HeadsUp Entertainment commented, ‘there is no question that television audiences in at least 20 countries throughout the world have shown an overwhelming interest in poker television. Our market study has concluded that we can sell the series in at least 10-12 English speaking countries.”

Kellner added, “We are now negotiating with potential sponsors for the series and we believe we can complete production of the series for broadcast in this falls’ television schedule.”

Gotta tell you. I’d watch this. Say what you will about reality TV…this one could be very very cool.

I’ll keep an eye on what happens. Remember, I used to work for TV Guide…. so I know TV.

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