No limit in Atlantic City

One of my ex-logic students just emailed me a story of a recent experience of his playing no limit hold’em in Atlantic City.  Here it is:

I was at Atlantic City last weekend. I sat down at a $1/$2 no limit with $120. I basically only played 6 hands. The first hand I played was pocket 4’s. I called the $2 along with 5 people, and one guy raises it $5. Four other people call and I call as well. The flop comes 4,8,2 rainbow. So I bet $10 and the next guy raises me $30. Everyone folds back to me and I put him all in for an additional $12. He calls and he had pocket aces. I got my 4th 4 on the turn and took down that pot. So now I’m up to like 200 dollars.

A few hands later I get 8 10 off suit in the big blind. There were 5 callers and I check. The flop comes 6 7 9 rainbow. So I flop the nuts. I check my hand and 3 others check. The 4th guy goes all in for $34 which looks suspicious because the pot is only $12. The 5th guy takes a while and calls him, I immediately re raise an additional $30. The 5th guy folds. I take down that pot.

The next hand I had J 9 of spades. I called a $5 raise with a few others. The flop comes 9 K A with 2 hearts (the A and K). I bet $15 and everyone folds but one guy. The turn comes a 4 of hearts and I bet $30. The guy folds.

So at this point I am up to about $300. I get no hands for a while and, finally an hour later, I get pocket Kings. Now there is a bunch of callers, and I raise it to $10. I get a few more callers and another guy re raises me $30 more. So I said re-raise, and I made it $100 even.

Now this guy had slightly more money than me, I think $10 more. He takes a while and calls me. The flop comes J 8 4 all clubs. Now I have the king of clubs in my hand as well. He moves all in on me for an additional $180. So I sat for awhile and figured, only two hands can beat me that I would believe he has. Pocket Jacks, in which case I have the club flush draw and the 2 kings left in the deck, so I had outs. Or pocket aces, and if he had pocket aces with the ace of clubs, I was practically drawing dead.

I sat for a while and just figured if he had me beat I deserve the loss. I called and he mucked his hand. At this point I had about $580.

I played two more hands, each one cost me $100. The one hand I flopped trip 6’s with an 8 kicker. I bet the flop and the guy raised me, I called. I then called him down to the river. There was no flush or straight draw. So I figured I was ok, maybe he had two pair. But he had trip 6’s with an ace kicker.

My last hand I had king 10 off suit. The flop came K 10 2. So I bet the flop and I got one caller. The turn came an ace and I bet again, and the guy raised me, I called. And I called to the river, he had Q J off suit. That call I thought was bad since he called $30 when the pot was only $40. Plus his queen and jack were drawing dead as pairs since I had top two pair.

But I left with +$260. So I can not complain.

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