Nice Promotion at Full Tilt Poker; You Might Want to Check it Out

I never reprint press releases (as you know) because of their self serving nature.

I mean, what is the truth when everything you hear about is the best, or the first ever…etc etc

Every once in a while, though, I hear about something that you might be interested in, such as Full Tilt Poker (online) doubling the guarantees for its tournaments for a week, from Jan. 24th to Jan. 30th.
That’s my birthday week, BTW.

The notes say that every tournament will be affected, with $30 million in guaranteed prize pools over the duration of the promotion.

The guaranteed tournaments for the week will also be changed into new “multi-entry” tournaments. Full Tilt recently added this upgrade to its software, allowing the site to provide tournaments where players may register more than once for the same tournament. Shootout and cashout tournaments will not be contested as multi-entry tournaments, however.

The schedule for the week will remain the same; the only changes are the guaranteed prize pools and the multi-entry functionality.

The most guaranteed money is from noon to 6 p.m. Eastern time — $13 million is guaranteed over the course of the week during that time slot.

If you can’t afford to play in those tournaments, there are smaller tournaments with nice prize pools.

The Daily Dollar will guarantee $20K each day of the week, with the Fifty-Fifty becomes a $100K guarantee.

Sounds pretty freaking interesting to me.

If you play, let me know how you do. OK?

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