New Year’s poker task: check our own game

The 2011 has started and at this time every year many people write a list of wishes for 2011. This tradition includes poker players, even if their wishes tend to differ from the rest: their wishes are different from the traditional ones: want to lose weight, quit smoking or point to the gym and spend more time with family and friends.

Whether your New Year’s resolutions are to stop overvaluing the pocket pairs, stop trying to link pot-bellied stairs or playing poker with two more cups, one thing we should do all year: To analyze our game even if we chose to play poker with friends or online poker.

Improving your poker game involves being honest on reviewing your game and results. It is impossible to know what area of your game can be improved if you do not track how you play and where are your mistakes.

First, to look from time to time if your bankroll increases or decreases is not very valuable information. The bankroll does not reveal which are your weak spots, spots that can be improved, some plays where you miss the money, etc.

You’ll need the data to analyze your results, since the losses of two days of cash can be tweaked by a single jackpot you win, causing a negative day end up being one day at a profit.

Although this is not one of the most funs of poker, often the difference between being a loser or a winner player is to keep a detailed record of our game and review it constantly. So when you write your own wish list for 2011 do not forget to add more thoughts about analyzing your own game.

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