New Poker Movie Now Showing


Poker fans should not miss this new “all In: The Poker Movie.? This may not be the usual movie with a plot that you’re used to watching but it’s actually a documentary that will most probably help you get a better understanding of the poker industry.

Directed by Douglas Tirola, the docu film premiered last June 11 at the Palms Casino Resort’s Brenden Palms Theater as part of the CineVegas film festival. The premiere also timed with the ongoing World Series of Poker at the nearby Rio Hotel.

The movie features commentaries from numerous well known poker players and celebrities such as Hollywood actor Matt Damon and boxing champ Evander Holyfield as well as collections of poker archive footage and references from film and TV. Although it has its own flaws, many poker experts believe the movie succeeded in its goal of providing balanced and detailed information on the industry and how poker has become a favorite past time of Americans.

The film is two hours long but worth watching especially by people interested in learning about poker. It shows how the popular card game began and how the playing cards now used in the game were invented. You will see then the early beginnings of the game and the triumphs of the early gamblers. Film and television references of the game make up a major part of the movie but online poker gets its share of the limelight as well.

Overall, the movie proves one thing ? that poker is part of the American society and it does not discriminate between the less known and the more famous players.

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