NBC Heads Up Brackets Announced

Last year Phil Hellmuth won the NBC Heads Up tournament and brought a lot of interest into heads up play. Heads up play is a completely different ball game. If you think that starting value for hands goes up when you’re short handed, imagine heads up. When J5 suited starts looking like AK you know you’ve either been playing too long or you’re heads up. Check out NBCs bracket, should make for some good match ups. The matches won’t air on TV until April 8th, but I’m willing to bet Daniel N will be talking about it before then.

Keep your ‘heads up’ for these matche ups… sorry I couldn’t pass that up.

Josh Arieh vs David Williams: 2004’s 2nd and 3rd place finishers in the WSOP Main Event will get to see what it was like had Greg Raymer not taken them both out. Should be fun for those who like to say ‘what if.’

Johnny Chan vs Carlos Mortenson: Anyone who watched the Poker Superstars’ matches loved to watch these players. I think that Mortenson’s aggressive style will really shine in heads up plays, but then again he is up against Johnny Chan…

Gus Hanson vs Sean Sheikan: You probably know Sheikan best for his fights with Mike the Mouth deep in the WSOP Main Event last year. It should be interesting if he can get under Gus’ skin, Gus seems to be a pretty calm guy, but ridiculously aggressive under the surface. I wouldn’t maind watching Gus run over this guy…

And of course, Phil Hellmuth vs Anybody: I, like many other people, just can’t get enough Phil Hellmuth, and niether can the networks! You can rest assure that Phil’s matches will all be televised and full of horrible suckouts and bad beats, I can’t wait!

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  1. Little bit of an update: Arieh defeated Williams, Mortenson ran over Chan, and Sheikan beat Gus. And for the big news: Phil Hellmuth lost his first match to Chip Reese, the poor fellows at NBC probably don’t know what to do!

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