My Ultra-Tight Approach

This morning I got up bright and early – 5am – and decided to try out my new conservative poker strategy at i4 Poker.  I play at a no limit $.05/10 table, but only start with 5 quid (that’s about 8 dollars), and never add any additional funds until the next day.  So if I lose all 5 quid, then that’s it for the day for poker.

5 quid is the amount of money that I was given as a bonus for signing up with i4 Poker.  I could start with 10 quid at these tables, but I’m reasoning that if I start with less, then I’ll be much more careful about how I play, especially if I can’t play any more that day if I lose it.

Did my approach work?

I think so.  Even though I eventually lost the 5 quid in about two hours, I don’t think I made many regretably stupid plays.  I was never up over the 5 quid.  And at one point I was down to less than a quid, and I fought back to over 4 quids.  I was quite proud of this effort, because in the past I would have been tempted to throw in the towel with so little to risk.  Even though I did eventually lose all 5 quid, I didn’t feel that bad about the loss.  I know that I’ll have another day tomorrow, since I have 33 quid left in my account.

Admittedly, it has been difficult to restrain myself from playing.  But there is a certain sense of satisfaction I get when I realize that I am the master of my domain.

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