My Introduction to Freeroll Tournaments

I just learned that one can play in hold’em tournaments for FREE in online poker rooms, like Party. These tournaments are called freeroll tournaments and they give a little bit of money to the top players who make it to the final table (the top player gets around $50).

I played in three freeroll tournaments today at Party.

In the first tournament, which I entered about five minutes late, I placed 2163 out of 9000 and lasted about 20 minutes. Not too shabby.

In the second tournament I placed 7925 out of 8500 and I lasted about 10 minutes. Very shabby.

In the third tournament I placed 378 out of 8500 and I lasted several hours. Maybe I am actually learning.

In the fourth and final tournament of the night (do I have a life?) I placed 965 out of 8500 and lasted for a couple of hours. I’m pretty happy with how I’ve done.

I plan on playing as many of these freeroll tournaments as possible (it seems that at Party one can play at least about a dozen of these a day). I defnitely need much more practice before I play in PokerStars 2nd Annual Bloggers’ Tournament on June 18, the winner of which gets a seat at the WSOP, plus a couple thousand more in expenses.

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