My Freeroll Tournament Experience with the Help of My New Little Green Friend

Another late one last night. I started off around 9:45pm playing a freeroll limit tournament at PokerStars, and then at about 10:15pm I switched to a no-limit freeroll tournament still at PokerStars, where the top 27 players make it to the next round, in another tournament on a different day (thank God), where there is $1000 for the winners to split.

I tried to play both tournaments, but it took too much work and concentration. I also find that the freeroll limit games in tournaments move way too slowly, and I’m always amazed at what players bet and call with. It’s like a play money game to them. Not my cup of tea. There is another interesting reason for my decision to play only in the no-limit tournament, and it has to do with my new little green friend. I’ll explain this below.

Anyway, as I’ve already said, it was a late night. I got knocked out of the no-limit tournament a little after 2am, after placing 65th out of over 4000 entrants. At one point in the game, around 1:30am, I had over 220,000 chips (keep in mind I started with 1500 chips), and I was in 14th position, with around 100 players left to go. Oh, so so close. The smell of victory was almost worth the crappy way I felt this morning when my eyes barely re-opened at 6:45am.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s only a freeroll tournament. So stop patting yourself on the back. Not so. I believe that what I did last night clearly indicates something more than mere luck or bad competition. Remember I’ve only been playing Hold’em for about a week. A week, that’s all! And I’m already in the top 100 in a tournament.

What do I think accounts for my stellar rise in last night’s tournament? I think it’s the same thing that explains why I dropped from 220,000 chips to nothing in about 30 minutes. In a word, POKERBILITY.

Pokerbility is an odds calculator that you can download for free if you open up a new account in one of the poker rooms that their affiated with. In a few days I will be giving a more detailed review of this powerful little green calculating tool, pointing out both its positives and negatives. But let me whet your appetite by saying a little about my experience last night with this poker program.

It was the first time I ever used Pokerbility. The Pokerbility people gave it to me yesterday for free (“free” in the sense that I didn’t even have to open up a real money account at a poker room), because they want me to evaluate it here. Ah, the perks of having a blog.

Let me cut to the chase. Pokerbility does several things, one of which is to tell you when to fold, when to bet, when to call, and when to raise. During the time I was making my 220,000 chip climb last night, I was paying close attention to this “advice”, not necessarily following it all the time, but following it more often than not, many times when it went against my “better” judgment. During the brief time I was taking my dive into the abyss, I was not looking at the tool at all. Hmmm. Mill’smethodsayswhat? Pokerbility may make a real substantial difference in how well you do at the table. I’m confident that it worked for me.

Remember, I said above that there was another reason for my decision not to play in both tournaments last night. Well, the reason had to do with the Pokerbility tool. Besides the fact that it was one more thing cluttering the screen, it cannot calculate odds at two tables at the same time, and it requires a few clicks to switch its use from table to table. This required too much effort on my part. Sure it can be done, but the doer must be full of energy and have a much more coordinated clicking ability. Anyway, the Pokerbility people might think about this issue if they should decide to upgrade their product. I don’t see why it should be so difficult to make it so that it has a setting whereby if you choose you can use it to calculate odds at two or more tables simultaneously. But, hey, what do I know about programming? I’m just a simple blogger.

As much as I like Pokerbility, and will never play online without it again (you can also use it offline as well), it does have some weaknesses. I’ll let you know what these are in a couple of days when I give my full review of my new little green friend.

3 thoughts on “My Freeroll Tournament Experience with the Help of My New Little Green Friend

  1. Suber, it sounds like I should try your little friend out :). Along with tools, I wrote a post about online tells on my poker blog. When you have time, could you check it out and let me know what you think? I think the last part of my tips wasn’t very accurate.

  2. If you do, don’t use it during the Blogger Freeroll, because I don’t want extra competition 🙂 I think your point about auto play is spot on. Also your point about folding seems right. I’m not so sure about the fluctuation of chips hypothesis. I think it does give some evidence of looseness, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  3. Thanks for checking it out for me. I’m also iffy on the last part of my tip because aggressiveness and a run of bad beats could also factor into constantly fluctuating chip stacks.

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