My First Straight Flush at Poker.com

Things were looking bleak at Poker.com.  The first table I joined was no limit with $0.15/.25 blinds.  I lost $25 pretty quickly.  There was this guy at the table named Saril from France (I think it was a guy).  Anyway, I noticed that near his name there was an icon of a trophy.  Apparently, he had won a $20,000 freeroll tournament at the site.  I don’t know how good he was, but he seemed to be the one who was doing most of the winning.

After this discouraging start, I moved to a table with smaller blinds, $0.5/.1, still no limit.  I started off poorly.  I was down to my last $15 and then I decided to try to play maximally conservatively.  It was working.  I began slowly climbing back up.  And then I got the magical hand – a king high straight flush.  Talk about a nice hand.  I don’t think I ever got a straight flush before.  Fortunately for me, another player hit a flush, and since I was slow playing the hand, he bet big into me.  This nice victory helped me get back on my feet.  I was now up to a little over $41.

I soon discovered that there was one slight problem.  I wasn’t generating any coupons when I was playing at the lower blinds.  I need something like 7000 coupons in order to cash out.   So I returned to a table with larger blinds, the ones I started out with.  And wouldn’t you know it, the table I ended up at was with Saril, my old French nemisis.  In a matter of about 15 minutes I lost about $15, most of it seemingly going to Saril.

I realized that I was playing recklessly and so I became patient, waiting for a reasonably strong hand.  I finally got it (I don’t remember what it was, probably a set of something low), and I sandbagged it, and won a few bucks, nothing that substantial.  After the win, Saril made some comment that suggested that he thought that this sort of slow playing was inappropriate.  I’m not sure if he was joking, but if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t be that surprised, as I had just read somewhere that some people think that sandbagging is like cheating.  I of course think this is preposterous.

Anyway, I did make a small comeback and was eventually up to about $51.  But as I write this post, I am in the process of losing some of this money.  On the bright side, it isn’t to Saril.

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