My First Final Table – IN THE MONEY!!!!

Two nights ago I made it to my first final table in a poker tournament.  It was at Hold’em Poker in my first non-freeroll tournament.  There were 530 entrants.  I ended up #7 and won $79.50.  Hoorah!!

I entered the tournament because it didn’t cost me anything.  I had made a $25 deposit at Hold’em Poker about a month ago and when I did I was given a bonus of a $5.50 ticket to use in one of their hold’em no-limit tournaments.

Although I started off slowly, once I got moving, I couldn’t be stopped.  Most of the evening I believe I was the #1 chip holder.  I think I was the #2 chip holder when I reached the final table, but only behind by a little.

My upward trajectory was certainly helped by some tremendously great hands.  One hand I got 4 tens.  In another I got 4 aces.  I just kept getting amazing cards at amazing times.  It was just one of those nights.  If I were superstitious, which I’m not, I might think that my dad, who died on Sept. 29th, four years ago, was somehow helping me.

At the final table the type of play was much different from the type of play earlier in the tournament.  There was no way you could limp in.  One player would invariably bet a lot or go all-in.  I had no sense of when it was a good time to call or bet, and I wasn’t getting the obviously stellar hole cards.  I eventually lost it all with a full house against a higher full house.  By this time I was so short stacked it would have taken a miracle for me to make a come back.

The experience was adrenaline pumping, tiring, and inspiring.  What is also cool about the experience is that I now have money to play again at Hold’em Poker, an online poker room that I enjoy playing at.  Last week I had lost all the money that I had in my Hold’em account, even though I ended up $50 richer from the room.  But it didn’t look good for my returning to Hold’em, given how cheap I am.

I don’t know when I’ll be playing in another tournament.  Maybe I’ll try next year.  Maybe on Sept. 29.  What do you think dad?

5 thoughts on “My First Final Table – IN THE MONEY!!!!

  1. If I were superstitious, which I’m not, I might think that my dad, who died on Sept. 29th, four years ago, was somehow helping me.

    Suber, I’m willing to bet that while this conditional is true, it isn’t relevant. Because I’m willing to bet that despite not-being superstitious, you still had the thought that your dad was somehow helping you, even if you later rejected the idea because of some rational principles that you tend to apply when forming beliefs.

  2. I think the idea about my dad helping me didn’t occur until the next day. I had the thought, yes, but I didn’t take it seriously. Did I reject it? I don’t think I believed it strongly enough to reject it. So, yes the thought did occur to me. I entertained it. But that’s all. Do we disagree?

  3. Nice going, Suber. I wonder whether the style of play at the final table is consistent, or whether experienced final table guys play that way early on to confuse (and get rid of) new guys like you?

  4. Thanks

    I have a feeling that you need to take more chances, be more aggressive, when you get to the final table, because it is all about domination. If you’ve got the big chip advantage, you can bully others, and then you can whittle them down to nothing. I have had some experience doing this, but I’m too much of a wooos to do it the way that it needs to be done. You might say that my game play is similar to the way that some say (Rich Lowry of NRO) Rummy is conducting the war in Iraq, “just enough not to win and just enough not to lose”. The dissimilarity is that I lose.

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