Moving up & Bonus Whoring

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.” – Brian Tracy

After I’ve analyzed my play and started to plug many obvious holes in my game, I almost saw an immediate effect on my game. My BB/100 ratio has gone up tremendously, and my overall confidence and aggression are on the rise, too. Furthermore, I’ve been able to increase my bankroll through winnings and my monthly deposits.

I’ve spent so much time reading about bonus whoring (there is an excellent guide on the 2+2 forums) and the added benefits of clearing boni that I’ve decided it’s time to move up and go for some extra income.
According to my bankroll and the guide, I decided to give Paradise Poker a start. With a signup code you can get a 50% bonus up to $100 on my initial deposit. $200 deposit + $100 bonus gives me a bankroll big enough to give $0.50/$1 a go.

I signed up, made the deposit, and started playing straight away. The very first hand I ever got dealt on Paradise was a KK. “What a great start!” I thought, raising from the blinds only to lose to a pair of aces. Within the first brief session (only about 40 minutes) I dropped 20 big bets, losing with my initial KK, AK (missed the board), QQ (up against KK), and TT (against KK, again).

In fact, I only won a single measly pot of 6BB during those 40 hands. I can’t complain about the hands I got dealt, only the outcome was rather unfortunate in each event. So, even though I’m down for now, I’m confident that I’ll be able to come back from that. I coud’ve easily been up by 50BB after all.

I’m still busy checking my hand histories, but so far I couldn’t detect any major mistakes I have made (except for missing a raise for value in one spot – I lost the pot anyway, so I got away with that).

I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on what steps I’m taking in my new carreer as bonuswhore.

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