Money Isn’t Everything in Poker

With all the huge sums of money being offered for the pot in poker games, would you still believe that poker isn’t all about money? Seems hard to do but yes, not all professional players are after the bucks. If you’re one who’s earned so much in this popular card game for quite some time, money is no longer an big attraction.

One known poker player who doesn’t play for the money these days is Daniel Negreanu. It’s easy for this guy to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars in the tournaments he’s been joining. He’s actually become a millionaire already. In the recent World Poker Tournament, he earned more than $331,800. Currently, this man is on third place in the list of big money winners earning more than $11 million in live tournament cash prizes.

So what does Negreanu want to attain now as he keeps playing poker not totally for the money? He says he’s after the stats this time. This means making history and ensuring that he’s on top at everything he does. Humbling as he is, this man does not even see himself nominated to the Poker Hall of Fame despite his remarkable achievements. He would rather vote for Mike Sexton, WPT commentator and the man behind the Tournament of Champions.

If you’re a fan of Kid Poker Daniel Negreanu, check out his blog at www.fullcontactpoker.com. You will also get to see him coaching aspiring poker players on the new PokerStars TV show. He’s assisting players for a face off against ranking PokerStars pros and win cash. Not every interested player gets to be on the show as they still have to pass the auditions, of course.

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