LTD Poker is a Scam

I have lost my patience with LTD Poker. I thought I was going to get a $50 bonus from them for signing up with Noble Poker, as indicated on their website. However, after about a month of waiting I have received nothing, nada, zilch.

I would get replies to my email querries, initially indicating that everything looked good and that I should get my money as soon as the “stats” came through. But after about a dozen emails with different changing stories I have come to believe that I’ve just been getting the runaround. LTD most recently told me that they would deposit the bonus money into my Neteller account, but I needed to have it certified. I did this, and then they said it needed to be a Premium account.

It is not stated on their site that you need a Premium account.  Americans, like myself, cannot get Premium accounts.  And according to Neteller people, the Premium account has more limitations than a certfied account, and so there is no valid reason why LTD cannot make a peer-to-peer transfer. I let LTD know all of this.

In fact, I copied and pasted to one of my emails the chat discussion I had with a Neteller official.  I never heard any reply back from them.  I think that we have good evidence that LTD is a bogus affiliate.  If hell freezes over, and I get the bonus, then I will gladly retract these comments.  But until then, I suggest that you don’t waste your time with them.  You will just end up being extremely frustrated.

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  1. Hi.
    I used this promotion as well, but succesfully. I got first bonus to Betfair and the second one to RedKings. Check your bonus checklist as that’s the most important thing. Ask about the Noble Poker as their promoted websites keep changing. Good Luck.

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