Lots of cash games lately

Sorry for not posting lately, I’ve been busy with school, mother’s day, and lots of poker haha! I placed 2nd in our Thursday night tournament for $150 and made $50 in the Monday ring game, but since those were so long ago I won’t go into any hands in those games. This weekend I went with Ben to a charity tournament to play the ring games, and ended up down $62, mostly from one hand.

A new kid (swear he wasn’t 18 years old, haha) had been sitting at the table for probably thirty minutes, and everytime he was in a hand he committed himself to it. Lucky for him no one caught on the flops and he took it down by betting the pot each time. His only bet seemed to be $10 or all in. Mind you, it was a $1/$2 NL ring game, and the average raise had been near $5 or $6, so that didn’t make anyone happy.

Near the end of the session 4 players limped and he raised $10 from the big blind. I had around $52 in front of me and called with 85 suited, hoping to catch a big flop and let him throw all his chips in. Well, that’s exactly what happened. The flop came out 5 8 9, two hearts, and he bet $20. I immediately raised all in for $42 and he called hte rest of his chips (something like $18, he pot-committed himself just like I imagined he would).

I was thinking he might have an overpair, maybe even AK, but I was surprised when he showed A6 of hearts, a pretty big draw. The turn was a Q of spades and the river a Q of hearts and I lost most all of my chips. The only way I wasn’t too mad about the little punk catching the river was that had he had an overpair or even a pair of nines he would have won with runner queens.

The game was really soft, and I wish I would’ve had more time (and cash on me) to play, but it was nearing the end of the tournament when the game shuts down. So I came back to school and sat in our Monday night cash game, $0.25/$0.50 NL Texas Holdem, and I was down $80 after four hours…

I went to the ATM with my roommate and took out $60 more (and made my bank account <20 in doing so) and hoped I wouldn’t lose it all. We’d been playing since 10:00PM and at 2:00AM I had $18 in front of me (out of $100 I’d put in the pot). Ben reloaded for $20 and raised to $3. I decided to try something new (and announced it to the table) that I wasn’t going to look at my hand, I was just going to ‘play their cards’, haha. The flop came out king high and I checked and Ben went all in! I squeezed and saw K9 and called. He showed QQ and I doubled up, and Ben was not happy with me, woops!

Three hands later after Ben had reloaded again he raised to $3. The button went all in for $120 and I looked at QQ from the SB. I put in my last $34 and Ben started dancing and laughing! He showed us all AA and was really excited. I figured I might just lose all my chips right after I was starting to make a comeback, but I ‘had a feeling’, haha. The 2nd card on the flop was a queen, and the river made me four queens, haha, and I was up to $99.75, down a mere $0.25!

We went on to play until 4:00AM and I cashed out $156 for a profit of $56! Not bad for being down as much as $82 at one point. In the last hour of play I played a few key hands. First I raised with JJ from early position and the player to my right immediately made it $10 to go. He had just done this to me when I had 77 and he had 1010, and I was pretty certain I was ahead with JJ. The player to my right also called (what!) and so did I.

The flop came down 10 10 7 and it checked around, and I felt very good about my JJ. The turn brought a harmless 5 and the player to my right bet $8, I called, as did the player to my left. I wasn’t very sure on what the player to my right had, as that’s probably how he would play a 10, but he checked on the river. The pot was already over $50 and I just checked. The player to my left showed AK high and the player on my right showed 99, and my JJ won.

Towards the end of the session I raised preflop, four handed, with 88, and got one caller. The flop was Q 7 6 and he looked at me, thought, and bet $4. I thought he probably hit a queen, but wasn’t too strong with it, and his bet was more of a feeler than anything. I decided to try and take it back right there and made it $12 to go. It’s not a big raise, but I didn’t want to make a suspiciously large raise. He thought for awhile and finally folded QJ face up.

The last hand of the session at 4:00AM I had 104 of clubs, and the button raised $3. I called, quite simply, because it was the last hand. The flop was J J 8, two clubs, and I check-called $5. The turn was a Q of clubs giving me a 10-high flush, but I only check-called $6.

I didn’t want to raise and risk being reraised and have to fold my mediocre flush to a threatening bet. He could have also had a higher flush, or even QJ. The river was a blank and he bet $10. I called and showed the flush and he showed KK, with the King of clubs. I got pretty lucky on the last hand to win an extra $25, I got pretty lucky to not lose $100 on the night let alone that one hand, but it was fun playing poker for 6 hours with friends.

I've been playing poker for almost four years now (well before it was legal for me, woops!) Besides poker I enjoy playing the guitar and I'm very enthusiastic about pursuing Dentistry as a career. I'm currently at The Ohio State Univeristy studying Microbiology, living with three of my close friends. I'm dating a lovely girl from Australia and am looking forward to the oppurtunity to study abroad over there as well.

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