Looking for a Poker Blogger – Want to be the Poker Guy for PokerMoments?

PokerMoments is looking for someone to blog about poker.  There’s some money involved, but it’s not a lot.  Keep in mind there’s more to blogging than the money, e.g. the chance to express yourself, improve your writing skills, be part of a community, etc.

I’ve had a couple people blog for PokerMoments and they wrote excellent posts.  For some examples, see these posts about the worst form of pokerwhat got this blogger into poker, and letting the aggressive poker players bet for you.

There are many things you could blog about.  Of course, you should pick those topics that most interest you.  Here are just a few possibilities.

1. Interviews with people in the business. (One of my favorite things to do!)

2. Answer poker questions that come to the Poker Guy.

3. Write about your own poker related experiences.

4. Write about poker accessories or furniture or online poker rooms.

5. Write about the morality of poker or the problems with playing too much poker.

6. Write about legal issues relating to poker.

7. Give poker tips.

8. Write reviews about poker books or movies.

9. Post poker videos.

Let me know if you want more info through Ask the Poker Guy!

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