Live Poker; Keep Calm and Carry On

There is a famous photograph of American soldiers playing poker as they sit atop a truck waiting to leave for the Normandy invasion. Card games being used to calm the nerves. Try telling that to modern day poker players!

Showing outward signs of nerves at a poker table is not a good tactical move. If you are new to live poker, don’t sit down at the table and think of yourself as being inferior to everyone else.

They were once amateurs like you, and they had to work hard to create the image they now have. There will always be a few loud, cocky players at a table. If you don’t like dealing with those sorts of people, they will almost certainly leave you alone if you keep yourself to yourself and don’t join in with the ‘banter’.

Once you have moved away from Free Scratch Cards slightly and familiarised yourself with your opponents, the general style at the table and folded a few duff hands, you will find that the nerves start to disappear. For the first hour all you need to do to observe (unless you hit a hot streak of starting hands of course). Don’t go for broke in the first hour with bluffs, re-raises and audacious steals, it’s not worth it. Grow into the game.

By starting a live game in this fashion you will instantly create the illusion that you are a tight player. This is fantastic because it means that you can play on this initial illusion and use it to your advantage.


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