Learning About Bluffing in Poker from Playing Pool – An Interesting Story About Nick Schulman

I just read a story in the New York Post about this 21-year old guy named Nick Schulman, who won $2 million by winning the 2005 World Poker Tour finals at Foxwoods Casino.  Two things in this story piqued my attention.  One, Schulman is thinking about going back to college to study philosophy.   A sign of real intelligence.  I just hope he doesn’t study Continental Philosophy.  Two, he learned how to read peoples’ body language from playing pool, because a number of people who play pool “play an angle” to win money.   Here are two of his tips that I think are worth remembering:

  • People are friendlier when they’re bluffing.
  • People stare at the board more when they missed.

Hey, Nick, fellow philosopher, would you be willing to give PokerMoments an interview?

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