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Holdem, holdem, holdem… It’s all we hear about these days, but what are the real pros playing? Any guesses? Well, it was a trick question, the top pros play everything”both live and online”. The ‘big game’ in Vegas (With participants including Doyle, Ivey, Negreanu, Elezra, Harman, etc) is a $4000-$8000 limit mixed game, usually HORSE. Lets break it down:

Holdem Omaha Razz Stud Eight or better, stud

Most of these games are limit, and if they have a pot limit or a no limit game (like in omaha) the cap is $100,000. Along with these five games the big game players like to indulge in some 2-7 lowball, Omaha H/L8b, and no limit holdem. Head over to Daniel Negreanu’s blog to find some cool stories about the big game.

What it comes down to is that no limit holdem is a very exciting twist on 7-card stud, but good poker players pride themselves on being good at all the games. Try some low limit omaha or stud, or read some books on it. Doyle Brunson’s SuperSystem and Supersystem 2 both have sections on most of these games, or you can find specific books written by pros on specific games.

Alternatively you can get hold of some great simulation poker software from www.acespade.com which allows you to play against almost real opponents and hone your skills over many thousands of hands before you make that big leap into playing for real. Perhaps you have some leaks that you would like to fix in a particular variant of poker…….whatever the problem then Acespade have a software package to help you.

Sadly, the World Series of Poker used to host a wide variety of games, but recently under new management has included all sorts of new NL Holdem tournaments and actually gotten rid of some of the less-known games, because they don’t atract as many players or make for good TV. Negreanu had a rant about this in his blog a few years back but if you want to expand your poker horizons without it costing you anything on the tables then get along to AceSpade and try out their software.


Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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