Leading into the raiser

All forms of poker involve ego, and the bigger the game the bigger the egos you’ll run into and this applies whether you play live or online at the big sites like pokerstars.co.uk . Big egos can generate a lot of respect and fear, but they can also be used against that person. If they like to be the bully and table captain, I recommend leading into the raiser. A situation:

“Ego” across the table from you has been raising and reraising all night, being really aggressive and pushing people around, talking a lot of smack about how good he is and all that crap. You’re in the for one bet from middle position with Ego over there makes his standard raise. You decide to call it with 9[clubs]7[clubs], mixing it up, whatever. The flop comes down 7[hearts]7[spades]Q[hearts] and it’s your action, what should you do?

A lot of people love to slowplay these types of hands, and risk trying a check raise on the turn which can lead to the initial bettor taking another free card and possibly catching some outs on the river, or giving the hand up altogether. When you’re dealing with a player like “Ego,” don’t be afraid to bet right at them, it’s like a spit in the face, they hate it. Anyone else at the table betting at them they see as a feeble attempt to steal the pot and become the bully, and most of the time you can expect to get raised.

From there you can reraise all in and shove it to the man, or slow down and bet into him again on the turn. Even if you win the hand on the turn he will be steaming, and you can do it to him again next time you flop a big hand, eventually he’ll just reraise you trying to reestablish domination over the table.

You’ll notice the really aggressive maniacs get deep in tournaments often, but they don’t usually make the final few tables because their ego gets the best of them and they blowup. Next time your table has a guy breathing down your neck and you flop a good hand, instead of trying to let him do the betting, shove it right in his face and watch his ego take over.

Good luck!

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