Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in

As of November 6, I can no longer play at Hold’em Poker because it is scared of the recent United States anti-gambling bill, and doesn’t want people who live in the US to play for real money.  The people at Hold’em Poker who make these decisions should read this article and perhaps they might reconsider their policy.  So I cashed out ($259 – all winnings), and thought that before I deposit any of this money into a different poker room, I would play some more at JonWoodGaming (JWG), the poker room where my $ rise (now over $700 between JWG and Hold’em Poker) in online poker all started from a measly $5 no deposit bonus, and where I still have a few bucks in my account ($19.50).

I knew that I needed to have at least $25 in my account to cash out of JWG, which by the way, is a reason that I’m somewhat down on the poker room.  I know that other poker rooms have similar cash out policies, for example, Party Poker.  But there is a big difference between JWG and Party Poker.  At Party Poker if you drop below the minimum you need in order to cash out, you can always deposit the difference and then cash out without any playthrough requirements.  In contrast, at JWG anytime you make a deposit you have playthrough requirments, which I believe is playing for 4x the amount of the deposit.  And there is no way that I’m going to do that again, especially since there is no bonus at the end of the day.  So my plan was to win $5.5 more and then cash out for free.

Unfortunately, winning is not always guaranteed in poker.  And I ended up losing about $10.  I think that part of the reason for this loss was that JWG does not at present have any no-limit tables with less than $.1/.25 blinds, something that they used to have, and at this level I don’t feel I know what I’m doing.

I’m a $.05/.1 player.  I don’t know why a few pennies seems to make a big difference in how I do.  It’s probably psychological.  I’m not sure why, but eventually I plan on moving up to these higher stakes and figuring it out.

The other excuse I have for the loss is that I was doing too much chatting with another player at the table, Graeme, a seemingly nice guy, who was winning everyone else’s money at the table.  A virtue of JWG, as I’ve mentioned in the past, is that since the play is so slow, you have plenty of time to chat.  This can make the game often feel more friendly.  But it also can be distracting.

After losing the $10, I decided to quit for the night.  When I decided to play again to see if I could win the amount that would let me cash out, I rediscovered that I didn’t have enough money to play at the $.1/.25 no-limit table.  You need a minimum of $10.  I thought that the $9 was lost forever.  But then I decided to contact support and see if they had any ideas of how I could either get the money out or use it to play.  Some support person said that my only option was to use the money in the casino.  So I went to the casino, layed down a dollar on blackjack and won.  I now had enough to rejoin the poker room.

After playing in the poker room for a little while (I believe I was down three dollars), I finally got a decent hand (a set of 10s after the flop).  But true to form something happened with the JWG program, and I was disconnected.  When I tried to reconnect, not only was I not able to finish play with my set of 10s, but I wasn’t even allowed to join the room, since I was again below the $10 minimum.

So back to the casino.  I win two or three hands at blackjack and now have enough money to play some more poker.

So back to the poker room.  In no time I lose about $8.  I’m down to less than $3, thinking this is the end.  But somehow I pulled out of the quicksand and now I’m over $11.

I went to JWG last night to see if I could again make the additional $ to cash out, or at least die trying.  But guess what?  No one was playing online at JWG.  Big surprise.

The lesson I’ve learned from all of this – Perhaps I should stick with blackjack.

6 thoughts on “Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in

  1. Hey Suber, thank you for the mention and sorry for the late reply. 😀 I’ll send you $10 to play with if you want when the poker starts to pick up again.

  2. Thanks Graeme for the offer but I’m thinking about hanging up my chips for a while. I’m kind of getting tired of the game, probably because I am not making any progress with my poker skills. This is not to say that I’m losing. It’s just that I’m not getting better. I think I’ll need to read a book on no-limit hold’em. Any suggestions?

    How is JWG?

    I’ve been playing at Dream Poker for the last month or two. It’s an ok room, nothing great. Obviously, the hands go infinitely quicker than the hands at JWG. I find it more difficult to win consistently in this room (in fact I’m down $19 overall), and this is part of the reason I’m thinking of taking some time off from the game.

    Say hi to all the JWG regulars.


  3. Hey, I’ve not actually read many poker books and the only 2 I have ever read are Super Systems by Doyle Brunson & Internet Texas Hold’em by Matthew Hilger.

    I am currently playing poker at pokerroom at the moment, as I got too carried away with the sportsbook & casino on JWG. (Lost about $4,000 total if I’m being honest – very very bad but all from a $50 deposit) Currently got my BR on pokerroom up to $370 from $50 in a few days.

    If you want I can give you a few tips on poker that may be very useful. I will say hi to all the JWG regulars for you. Oh yeah checkraisa was asking when you wanted to play him again. 🙂

  4. I also forgot, about the whole play through thing of 4x’s your deposit, you won’t need to do that again. That was only for the free $5 (plus any winnings) that you had in your account. Once you have done it once, you will never have to do it again.

  5. It would be great if you wrote a post about poker tips. I would be happy to post it on my site and give you credit for it.

    Any of those two books you recommend?

    Stay away from casinos.

    Can Americans play in Pokerroom? I don’t think so, if that is the room that joined with Hold’em. I used to play at Hold’em and did well there, but after the recent legislation they joined forces with another similar poker room (can’t remember which one), and I am not allowed to play there for real money.

    When I asked about depositing more money at JWG so I could withdraw what I had in there they said that I would have to meet the playthrough requirements. Did they change the rule? Or did the person just give me bad info?

    Tell Checkraisa that I’ll play him next time I’m in Canada.

  6. I am guessing the person gave you bad info. I see no reason why you have to keep wagering 4 times your deposit to withdraw any money held in your account. I can find out some info for you and e-mail it to you. I will speak to Jon directly for you as I know him, and am also an affiliate to the site. I would be more than happy to post a few tips, would you like me to e-mail them to you? I will get on to doing that tomorrow as I am off now.

    As for pokerroom, they do not allow US players to play for real money which sucks. I would possibly reccomend the Matthew Hilger book as it is a bit smaller than Super Systems but it still gives you enough good info to use. Although this is aimed at Limit you can use some of the strategys in No Limit games.

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