Is Xbox Live Planning Full House Poker Game? Stay Tuned

Anyone who follows this posting knows that I HATE running press releases because they are always so slanted.

I’d rather try something out and report on it to you.

Or have YOU try something and let all of us know about it.

But I’ll make an exception today because of a new Microsoft game…involving XBox Live.

And, it’s about poker.

Microsoft Game Studios’ 1 vs. 100 has vanished from the Xbox Live landscape, but they may be prepping a new game to take its place called “Full House Poker.”

If a leaked email from MGS is for real, they’re currently recruiting beta testers to work out the kinks in a competition dubbed ‘texas Heat.”

This could be very cool, the release says.

The email, which comes labeled with explicit instructions to its recipients about not sharing, was obtained by Kotaku.

“With every reguarly scheduled episode, you’ll bluff your way to the top table,” the email explained. “Be bold and earn big rewards like massive XP and chips for your bankroll.”

The game is said to include avatars and leaderboards with the option to save progress. Of course, this email is unconfirmed and was supposed to remain secret if it is real, so it could be an elaborate scam or wishful concoction from the tipster.

The premise sounds great, though, and Xbox Live shouldn’t have a problem finding enough poker players in its ranks to keep the competition rolling.

If they’re in the beta-testing phase already, though, you can probably expect to hear a lot more about “Full House Poker” and ‘texas Heat” real soon.

Thanks to the reader who sent me this item.

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