PokerMoments Interview with Jennifer Brown, aka The Poker Bitch – Part II

Jennifer Brown, aka The Poker Bitch, is still playing in the WSOP tour, which ends July 17th. She says she is “doing ok, had a bit of a bad run of cards ….. doing much better now, finished in the top 50 last tourney.”

Jennifer may be a bitch at the poker table, but she is certainly not one with PokerMoments. Not only has she given us a second interview below (read here for her first great interview!), she also said she would talk with Frankie Kassella, one of the greatest Omaha players alive, to see if he would be willing to answer a few of my questions.

Suber: Any interesting poker stories?

Jennifer: Yes LOL ……. My friend Frankie Kassella (one of the best Omaha players in the world ) is ranked # 3 right now!! Anyway we were at The WSOP Circuit Event in Tunica in Jan. and he was the FIRST ONE OUT!! of the main event …… the funniest part is it was not the first time ……. it was the THIRD !!!! LOL Bluff Magazine said they may do story about him holding the record for going out first!

Suber: As I mentioned above, I interviewed Jennifer Harman recently. Have you ever played against her?

Jennifer: No I have not had a chance to play her. She is a great player and a very strong lady.

Suber: If you’re in a cash game or playing on-line, how long will you normally play?

Jennifer: Waaaaaaay to long!

Suber:Do you set goals for how much you want to win?

Jenifer: Uh No!

Suber: Or do you play until you get bored or lose a certain amount?

Jennifer: I never get bored…… I LOVE this game way 2 much. Yes I most definitely set a limit on how much I lose.

Suber: How much can you feel comfortable losing?

Jennifer: I will leave a cash table If I lose $500.00

Suber: Any advice on how to become a professional poker player?

Jennifer: JUST DO IT! LOL The only way to get there is practice – practice – practice ……… you just have to make up your mind and ….. GO ALL IN!

Suber: How do you give other players the impression that you have a hand stronger than you actually have?

Jennifer: Bet real big & talk alot of smack …LOL

Suber: Are you good at reading people’s tells?

Jennifer: That is my best advantage.

Suber: Any stories you’d like to share about tells you’ve figured out?

Jennifer: I made a side bet once with a guy at my table that we had the same hand …. he kept betting to get me out of the pot, but I just kept calling…. he said what are you doing??? I said your not pushing me out of this pot, it is a split. He said NOWAY it’s a split. I of course said wanna bet ?? LOL …. We split the pot and he still owes me $500.00 ! We BOTH had K 10 off suit!

Suber: Do you recommend any poker books, either strategy or stories?

Jennifer: Beyond Tells …… my favorite.

Suber: What do you think “luck” in poker means?

Jennifer: LOL SUCKOUT! I guess everyone gets lucky from time 2 time or the game would be no fun right?

Suber: Any poker-playing friends I can interview?

Jennifer: I will talk to Frankie and see if he will do one … that would be cool ….. be sure to ask him about going out 1st in the big game in Tunica!

(Thanks for another great interview, Jennifer! – Suber)

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