Improving your Sit and Go poker strategy

The single table tournaments or sit and go tournaments as they are better known are spreading like the proverbial wildfire in online card rooms and all over the net. Their rapid quick tempo means that the entire tournament is over in under an hour mostly. This super quick time frame appeals to many online poker players that do not have the time to commit several hours to playing the game and the much longer time frames that are required to play bigger tournaments.

Crushing Online Single Table Tournaments will be like putting you alongside a professional poker player as I decide on my next course of action and the correct strategy to use at every single stage of the tournament in our example tournaments played by me. What contributes to making these mini-tournaments so popular is the avalanche of final table tournament action that is seen on television these days. When you sit down in a sit and go tournament then you are in effect already at that final table and the excitement and drama happens very quickly.

The criteria for the sit and go tournament that I will be explaining inside CRUSHING ONLINE SINGLE TABLE TOURNAMENTS will be a ten-handed $200 + $15 tournament where the prize money is paid to the top three places. Just like in raked cash games, there is also a fee for playing in single table tournaments as well. This fee (sometimes referred to as the juice) is normally between 5% and 10% of the tournament buy in.

In the example above, the fee to play in the sit and go was $15 thus making the total expenditure $215. The ten lots of $15 that are paid by the participants goes to the card room for hosting the event and the players play for the remaining $2000 in prize money. In the example tournaments that I will be playing, the prize money is paid to the top three places as follows,

1st Place 50% 2nd Place 30% 3rd Place 20%

The blinds in the example tournaments will start at the 10-20 level and will increase every 10 hands until there is a winner. In our $200 + $15 example, this would mean the winner getting $1000, second place winning $600 and the third place finisher getting $400. These strategies will be effective in single table tournaments up to about the $200 level. Any higher than this and the players start to become a whole lot better and negate the effectiveness of the system somewhat simply because many more players are playing the same way.

I will quickly point out that even if you encounter other single table tournaments with slightly different criteria like different time limits, payment structure, number of players or buy in then this strategy will still be highly effective. So sit back and prepare to take a quantum leap forward in your knowledge in just how to beat SNG’s with CRUSHING ONLINE SINGLE TABLE TOURNAMENTS!

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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