Improving Mental Prowess Crucial in Poker

Some sports require physical skills but there are also games that need mental agility. Golf requires a lot of concentration and so does the popular card game of poker.

Poker is not all about luck. Mental skills have a lot to with a player’s success as proven by many professional and famous players. For this reason, Dare2Dream Peak Performance and Mental Conditioning has decided to get involved in the poker world. This Australian company is actually behind the success of 2005 WSOP main event winner Joe Hachem.

Dare2Dream has a new website at www.dare2dream.com.au and offers a program that teaches people how to use their mental skills and emotions properly when playing poker. The program features video tutorials which earned the site the title of being ‘the first video poker mental coaching website.? Articles and forums are also there to help new and aspiring poker players.

The man behind Dare2Dream is Jamie Glazier, a former Australian junior tennis player and golfer. His goal of getting passed the obstacles in his journey towards attaining success as an athlete is what urged him to create a unique program focusing on improving an individual’s mental and emotional state. Glazier believes that a daily regimen of clearing the mind and improving sleeping habits are keys to performing well in poker.

For his part, poker player Joe Hachem is grateful for Dare2Dream which he credited for his victory in the 2005 WSOP. Other than him, 20 other players have joined this new Dare2Dream program. To those interested, Glazier is set to give out 50 instructional programs. Check out the site in the next few days or weeks for more details.

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