I Love Poker

Many people claim that they love playing poker – and it is a preference that I have no problem with. Poker may probably be one of the most cerebral and most challenging card games in existence and definitely the most exciting game in a casino or online gambling site.

I also love playing poker and I find endless enjoyment in the constant demand to think of strategies in order to win or raise your winning stakes.

I think this is precisely the allure of poker – the fact that losing or winning is can largely be attributed to your skills as a player. Of course, luck also comes in the mix – but not in a level that you would see in other games where blind luck is the only factor that will determine if you win or lose.

Poker is like a complicated dance or a strategic game of chess. You try to improve your hand and at the same time you also try to make do with the hand that you are dealt with and try to see if you can get a win out of it. Who has not been stirred into excitement when you see two players upping the ante with the other player folding only to find out that the winning player was only bluffing and never had a winning hand? Or the frenetic anteing up results in a player putting down a great hand only to be trumped by an even better hand.

That is excitement for you. Don’t you ever wonder why Hollywood would only feature poker in its Hollywood would only feature poker in its gambling movies and not blackjack or roulette? Now you know!

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