I am on a ROLL at JonWoodGaming

$126.  That’s what my present bankroll is at JonWoodGaming, a flash online poker room, much like Pitbull Poker.

And it all started with a $5 no deposit bonus.  That’s over a %2500 increase.  Anyone want to sponsor me for WSOP 2007?

At JWG, I play almost entirely at the $.05/.1 no limit hold’em tables, and it is basically with the same group of characters: oberppool, dallasglass, charlie2000, karikos, adrianm, eliez, paulriss, checkraisa, and a few other regulars whose names escape me.

Except for checkraisa the style of play is extremely tight with a lot of limping in.  What I find interesting about my success, which I think has to do more with good cards than any great skill, is that I win a lot against people who play loosely (sorry checkraisa), but I don’t enjoy playing against them.  Too much adrenaline.

The players at JWG are by and large polite and good natured and since we play with each other almost every night it has a feel of a friendly cash game.  If it were not for this aspect, I don’t think I would enjoy playing at JWG, since there are a number of problems with the poker room (see my comments here).

In order to cash out, I will need to deposit a minimum of $25 and then play for 4x this amount.  I said to myself a few weeks ago that if I ever make it over $100 I would make the $25 deposit.  I thought that $100 was enough of a cushion, but after a day where I lost $30 in three hands (see previous post), I’m not so confident that this amount will be sufficient.  So I have still not made the deposit, and hence am not eligible to withdraw any of “my” money.  But I’m in no rush to get it.  I’m winning and still having fun.

Side note:  Someone by the name of Joe left a comment for me on one of my posts regarding JWG.  You offered to use me as a referral for the site.  Did you do this?  And if so, what is your username?

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