How to Get Paid Off With Big Hands

The Hollywood hands in poker (AA, KK, QQ) should fill you with joy when you look down and see them in front of you. But many players don’t make the most of these monster hands, or worse, they see them as a curse rather than a blessing. Everyone remembers the time their AA got cracked by A4 by no one ever mentions the other 92% of the time AA crushes it.

If you hit a monster on the flop, the aim should be to maximise profit. This is easier said than done and requires you to be able to judge not only the strength of your hand but the strength of your opponent’s. You’ll need to let your opponent trap themselves into thinking you are not as strong as you are, but in a way that does not arouse suspicion.

Use every street to try to incrementally build up the pot. Don’t over-bet the flop; if you lose your opponent on the flop, the turn and river are wasted streets. Those looking at Free Scratch Cards should note that the obvious play is to check if you have a big hand and hope that your opponent bets.

Then you can try the check-raise. But if you don’t have position and have to bet first, it can cause problems, especially if you know that your opponent is tight. If, on the other hand, you know your opponent to be a bit looser, the over-bet is a good way to get paid off. By over-betting it often looks like a bluff because common poker strategy indicates that a player will slow-play a massive hand in order to get paid off. If you time the over-bet well, you will get the huge pay-off you are looking for.

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