How Popular is the World Series of Poker? 6,800 Players are Main Event Entries; a Big Win for Vegas? And Worldwide, More than 75,000 Entries. Wow!

From Vegas, our correspondent (I went to school with him), reports that more than 6,800 Main Event entries began their pursuit of first place cash totaling $8.71 million on July 12.

Worldwide, 75,672 entries in 58 different tournaments makes this year’s WSOP the biggest ever.

Sponsors are loving it.

But more than that, this has been a great opportunity to show the feds how popular this is, and how much money tax collectors could get IF online gambling was legalized.

The figures also provide one more opportunity for Caesars Entertainment bosses to remind themselves that the $30 million spent by the company in 2004 to acquire rights to the World Series was one of the company’s best buys ever.

Smart move, guys.

Despite the recession…the GREAT recession as it is called, the World Series of Poker has continued to grow, routinely setting records as Caesars has benefitted from a lot of imaginative thinking and the calculated use of its considerable marketing skills to reach around the world.

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