Here’s How To Avoid The Dreaded Fat-Ass Disease When You Sit And Play Poker All Day

You sit, sit, sit, while you play poker, and your ass spreads, spreads, spreads, right?

Well here’s how one university (which shall remain nameless) has solved this problem…


The event is in honor of National Employee Health & Fitness Day.  The ad describes, ‘this is a 1.5 mile fun walk around campus. The walk consists of 5 stations where you’ll collect a card at each stop.  At the finish, you’ll play your hand of poker.  The top 2 hands receive free gym memberships.”

Combining a sedentary activity with exercise has not yet hit the main stream, but there are hints of things to come.  There are already bicycle-powered TV’s, blenders, computers, etc.  Perhaps after your next poker game, we can meet here: